CBSM: California Mission Trip to San Diego


Go to: for our Vision San Diego, California Mission Trip video trailer

Parents and Students, I can’t even express how stoked I am about this trip!  I was totally excited about it before I left for San Diego last weekend to check it all out, but after having coming back…I’m 1,000 x’s more excited!  I wish we could move it up and just go in May, but obviously we can’t so I’ll just hold my horses till July. 

Students and their parents who are going on this trip should be receiving emails from Bart Fowler on this trip.  If you are not, definitely email him at or  You should already have your $200 deposit turned in by now, and please note that we’ll be having a CALI meeting on Wednesday, May 6th at 8pm (after the student worship service) in the student building. 

What will we be doing on the trip?  I’m glad you asked!  We are partnering with two church plants in San Diego: San Miguel Community Church ( and Seven San Diego (  They are both Southern Baptist Church plants under 2 years old each!  We will be helping them pull off a community wide Olympic Event for the children and families of the community.  Here’s what the preliminary schedule looks like:

Saturday, July 11 – Fly out of Huntsville, Fly into San Diego, Check in Hotel, Drive around San Diego

Sunday, July 12 – Attend joint worship service of both churches, Hang out that afternoon.

Monday, July 13 – Go out and invite community to Olympic Events

Tuesday, July 14 – Help with Olympic Event Activities

Wednesday, July 15 – Help with Olympic Event Activities, Lead student worship service

Thursday, July 16 – Help with Olympic Event Activities and Closing Ceremonies

Friday, July 17 – Go to Beach, Shopping District, Etc. in San Diego

Saturday, July 18 – Fly out of San Diego, Return to Huntsville, Go home and sleep!

Sunday, July 19 – Go to both Sunday school and Worship service at Capshaw 🙂

There are also several awesome activities planned just for us that week that I don’t want to unveil just yet.  I love keeping surprises!

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