SUPER SERIES: Bringing the Book of Judges to Life

judges-set-3Free files for youth pastors:

Judges Set (ppt)

Ruth Set Sneak-Peek (ppt)

The Book of Judges has been our first “super series”.  There have been so many things that have had to come together in Judges…it aint even funny! 

1.  This is our first series to do set design.  We’ve been very intentional with coordinating our lighting, our logos, our slides, our handouts, and our staging to all carry the same theme.  We are going very much so with a courtroom type feel as each of our sermons are mostly preached from a desk designed just for the set.  We also have decided to put a CROSS into every set that we do, and to design it to match the rest of the set so that it is the reoccuring “prop” in every set.  We got our desk and cross idea from Mars Hill Church in Seattle where Pastor Mark Driscoll leads.  If you watch his series on 1 Peter (, then you will see where we got our ideas. 

2.  We are using an intro video to transition from worship/singing to sermon.  We downloaded Mars Hills free 1 Peter intro video and we have edited it to make it our own for Judges.  You can check ours out on youtube under “cbsmmedia” and then “judges intro video”.

3.  This is our student preach month.  In the past, I have given the KTL (preach the word) Students an entirely different passage to preach from, but this year I was convinced that they need to preach from the book that just came next.  So we had just finished Joshua, and they are preaching through Judges.  I kicked it off for them just to make sure that they saw the direction that we are taking the series.  They have worked their tails off for the last 3 months preparing for each of their messages.  I couldn’t be more proud!

4.  Lastly, as we are adding to and enhancing the look and feel of our series for memory makers, we are continuing to preach clearly, convictingly, and Christ centeredly!  We are preaching the story of Judges accurately and detailed, we are pointing it all to Christ passionately and theologically, and we are applying it to the students lives practically and in a challenging way.

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