CBSM: BASIC Mission Trip to Detroit, MI

basic2009greenImporant and Informational files about BASIC that you must know:


BASIC 2009 Preliminary Schedule

BASIC 2009 – Necessities (What to Bring and Not to Bring)

BASIC 2009 Important Dates

BASIC 2009 – Meeting Info

BASIC 2009 Mission Trip Application Form

Big thing to remember right off the bat – BASIC 2009 MEETING, Sunday May 3rd at 5pm in the student building!

Our CBSM BASIC Mission Trip to Detroit, MI is one of the most important trips we do all year.  This is the trip where we train our students going into 9th grade and up for misions.  The purpose of this trip is to introduce, train, and give basic opportunities to our students to grow in the areas of missions and evangelism.  In the morning is a teaching and “role play” time, the afternoons are filled with awesome opportunities to practice what we’ve learned, and then at night is worship services.  It really is an amazing and challeging trip for all of our students.

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