Storyline #41: Judges 6-8 “The Valiant 300: Taking Israel from Caves to Kingdom” (Justin Nettles Style – Senior in HS)

3-titleFree files for youth pastors:

3 – Judges 6-8 – Game Dwindle

3 – Game – Dwindle (ppt)

3 – Judges – 6-8 – Gideon (mp3)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (fillout sheet)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (Chip’s thoughts on Gideon)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (blog by Justin)

3 – Judges 6-8 – Gideon (order of service)

Justin, a senior in high school, did the preaching for our student ministry tonight.  This was his first time preaching, and he did an excellent job.  I told him that compared to the first time I got to preach…He is a real pro!  Justin is a natural speaker, and as he will be attending one of the best theological and youth pastoral Bible colleges next year (Boyce College in Louisville, KY)…he’s got a long future ahead of him where Jesus is going to use him greatly for the kingdom.

Its so cool how all of our preacher boys are different.  Justin is the guy where he’s just so philosophical.  He really hits home with the super logical and deep thinkers.  Justin’s sentences can be so long that you really have to think to keep up with him.  I love that!  He definitely had all of the students listening for a good 25 minutes.  

Justin came out with his guns blazing.  He did an awesome job with his opening illustration, he read passionately from the Word, he told the OT story with great emphasis and detail, he connected it to Christ in the NT (Luke 9), and I think his strongest suit was his application.  He really stepped inside the life of every teenager and hammered several situations and ways on how to proclaim the name of Christ and carry His cross daily.  It was truly awesome!

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