KTL 2009 #10: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ – How to Preach Your Text

ktlFree files for youth pastors:

 10 – Communicate to Engage (mp3)

KTL is our ministry class for teenage guys who are either called into the ministry or who are heavily discerning God’s call on their life for ministry.  This is our 10th and final class session just before the 4 senior high students preach through their passages for the student ministry over the next 4 weeks.

This specific KTL session is on how to preach/communicate the text/sermon.  We’ve talked all the way through how to structure the sermon, but this is a crazy important section on communicating and preaching.  There are tons of brilliant guys out there who can study, write, and structure phenomenal sermons…but can they preach the sermons?  Preaching has so much to do with the way you communicate the text with proper emotion, authority, humor, etc.  So here ya go, a session how to communicate your text effectively.

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