Storyline #40: Judges 4-5 “This One’s for the Ladies: Masculinity, Femininity, and the Glory of Jesus” (Phillip McBryde Style – Junior in HS)

2-titleFree files for youth pastors:

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (filloutsheet)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (mp3)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (ppt)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (Chip’s blog article)

2 – Judges 4-5 – Deborah (order of service)

2 – Game – Battle of the Sexes

(sermon intro video on youtube under “cbsmmedia judges intro video”)

This is our student preaching month, and I wanted all along to kick the thing off strong with Phillip preaching.  He is a junior at one of the largest high schools in the state of Alabama around here.  He has already preached for us twice before, and I just love being a youth pastor and getting both blessed and challenged when one of my students preaches.  Phillip is a growing preacher, and if God continues to call him, he will a phenomenal pastor one day soon! 

Phillip is just one of those guys that gets the central theme of the person of Christ and the gospel within every passage.  He has even shocked me with some of his insights and findings of contextual connections between the Old Testament and New Testament.

Tonight, he rocked the story of Deborah, Barak, Jael, and Sisera.  This was by far the toughest sermon in the whole series because he had to deal with the issue of Deborah being set up by God as a ruling judge over His people.  Which is why we titled the series “This One’s for the Ladies.”  Phillip grabbed everyone’s attention with his INTRO, nailed the story of the passage, clearly pointed to the gospel, and I think his strongest section this time was his life application from the passage.  God has had to grow me in the area of life application so much, I feel like I’m finally starting to get it.  Phillip is 17, and he’s definitely getting it!  I’m a little jealous he’s getting such a jump on me.  But he absolutely tore his application up as he challenged our student ministry on how to be godly teenage guys and godly teenage girls for Jesus.  I always tell our preacher boys that life application should be their strongest section of preaching because they have the best insight into the life of a teenager at school, at home, with friends, etc…because they are one!

I would definitely suggest you listen to Phillip’s sermon, and even visit his blog at

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