Could They Be Creepin?: What to do if you think you’re being cheated on

I had a question from a college student who asked what he should do if he thinks his girlfriend is cheating on him.  I assured him I know exactly what to do since I’m 31, single, and have gone through basically every dating situation imaginable!  I totally exagerrating.  I don’t know EXACTLY what to do, but I gave it a shot.  Here’s what I told him…and obviously this translates to the girls as well about their boyfriends:

Here’s how I look at it. You just need to first of all PRAY that the truth will come out, or that God will give you a peace about it.

Secondly, you need to be straight up honest with her. If you can’t do that, then the relationship isn’t worth it, ya know? You need to tell her what you’re feeling and what you fear. If she truly cares about you, she’ll handle it right.

Third, if neither of those seem to bring the relationship back together where it should be, then you need to do some real thinking. Here’s the deal, if you have a girlfriend who is a little dishonest…then she’ll be a wife who is very dishonest. Also, you don’t ever want to be in a relationship where you’re always scared, where you always doubt, and where you never have peace about her integrity. So if those don’t get better, I say just get out for your own peace of mind. No one needs to live like that who isn’t married.

I just want you to have the most amazing marriage ever with great kids and a loving wife…and all of yall loving each other and loving Christ. But great marriages come from great dating relationships. If it aint great, get out, and wait for one that is. Ya hear me?

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