That’s what he said.

floundersAs I’m chillin down in Pensacola, FL right now with my family, we went to the busiest restaurant on the beach – Flounders.  My mom always beats me to the punch by asking the server what could we pray for them about since we pray before every meal.  Finally, I beat her!  I asked the dude, “Man, we’re about to pray before we eat, is there anything we can be praying for you about?”  He said he had to think about it.  Several minutes later he came back and said, “I got one.  This is the busiest restaurant on the beach, and we have about 50 new servers on staff who don’t know what they’ve gotten into.  We’re a family restaurant until 9pm rolls around.  Then we ask the families with children to leave, we pump the music, we turn this place into a dance club, we break out all the drinks…we have wet tshirt contests and everything.”  To all that I just said, “Well there’s a lot to pray for in that situation!”  Then he said, “So pray for our staff to serve them well.”  Let me recap…I asked for prayer to the Holy, Almighty God.  He asked for prayer for his servers to keep serving alcohol, to keep the party going, and to keep the tshirts wet.  That’s what he said!  I’m still not sure how to pray…except for salvation and judgment 🙂

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