Information to Parents and Students for the Revolution Conference

therevolutionTo all those sending your student (parents) or going (students) to the Revolution Conference this weekend,

Here are more details for you concerning our trip to Louisville.

Medical Release Form to Download: Medical Release Form (student revolution conference)

  1. Please be 15 minutes early for when your van ships out.  If you signed up for the noon crew to leave, be at the church by 11:45am.  If you signed up for the 2pm crew to leave, be at the church by 1:45pm.
  2. Please either come to the church having been fed lunch already…or with food in hand.  Please bring money for a supper in Louisville on Friday night and one coming home on Saturday.
  3. What to bring and what not to bring:  you will definitely want to bring your Bible, toiletries, and a change of clothes for Saturday.  We’re staying in a “conference center hotel” so we’ll be taken good care of there.  If you look at your rooming list, for those rooms that have more than 4, students will need to bring sleeping bags for those that have 5 and 6 per room.  The students can work this out from the rooming list.  Students will want to bring a notebook and pen to take notes.
  4. What to wear:  The weather is: 50’s are the highs and 30’s are the lows.  So dress comfortably warm.  I’d like us all to wear some type of CBSM tshirt (with long sleeves underneath if necessary).  There are many different cbsm tshirts now.  Just wear which ever ones you like on Friday.  You can wear whatever you want on Saturday, but I welcome another CBSM on Saturday, too!  The dress is casual.  Jeans are perfectly fine.  Shorts are fine for those whose legs suffer from numbness in the cold.
  5. All students must come with the attached Medical Release Form signed and dated by a parent or legal guardian!
  6. Bring the $55 payment if you have not paid already.  Also, your student may want to bring extra spending money.  Southern Seminary has an awesome book store and gift store (optional!).
  7. We will return sometime between 8 and 9pm on Saturday night.  Students will call their parents when we’re going through Nashville for arrival time.

For all students from Monrovia, Mrs. Karen Albritton has told me that Principle Brown will excuse every student going as long as he knows they are going with Capshaw.  I will try and get him a list, but parents you can check with him as well.  Thank you, Karen!

That’s all I can think of for now.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or ask!  Parents, please be praying while your students are gone.  This is the best student conference that I know of when it comes to growing in the truths of Christ.  We want to come back changed for His glory and in His image!

Only by His grace,


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