Night at the Museum: The world’s screams for resurrection

Night At The MuseumI mean seriously.  Isn’t this one obvious?  Acient characters coming back to life, getting to experience their personalities, and history connecting with the future.  They made this movie because they figured, “how amazing would this be?”  Who wouldn’t want to watch this?  Who wouldn’t want to experience this?  Who wouldn’t want to get to know past war generals, ancient warriors, and people from every major century and event in history?  Well, since we’ll never get to experience it…we might as well make a movie on it to show everyone what it could be like.  But hold up…what the world is crying for…only believers in Christ will get to experience!  Since Jesus was raised from the dead, so will we who hold to the gospel (Romans 6, 1 Corinthians 15).  We will get to be enjoy real relationship with God and with others who have believed in Christ in the past and who will believe in Christ in the future.  But it won’t be the chaos in the first hour and a half of the movie.  It will be more like the last scene.  It will be an amazing party (or as we baptists call…fellowship) of people from all decades, centuries, and millennia chillin out together, getting to know each other, and living life together for ever and ever amen.  And one more thing…the animals.  I just had a little girl come up and ask me last Sunday if her pet would get to go to heaven.  I had to sweetly had to tell her that God loves people so much that He has a special plan just for us…resurrection.  But there will be animals on the new earth which in the new heavens (Isaiah 11, 60, 65, etc.).  The animal kingdom will be restored to its submissive role to all human beings (Gen 1:26-28).  They will be under our rule, our dominion, and our reign…as we are ruling and reigning with and under Christ.  So there you have it…a theological treatise of “Night at the Museum.  RESURRRECTION…what the world is screaming for, only the believers in Christ will get to experience for all of eternity.

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