a double dose of some tasty eschatology

Over the next few weeks our students are getting a good and health double dose of some tasty eschatology.  After a lot of prayer, I believed that God was moving me to bring in a solid understanding of eternity as we go over the book of Joshua.  At the same time, God was totally doing a similar work in our pastor.  As he’s taking our people through the book of John on Sunday mornings, he too is going to focus on some sweet details all about eternity.  So our teenagers are getting this double dose.  I think its awesome.  Eschatology is one of my favorite doctrines to study, think about, and worship Christ for.  Do you think much about eschatology?  Do you view eternity as a physical place…a new earth?  Do you view the holy citizens of the new earth with renewed physical-human bodies?  Do you ever wonder about the new culture that will be present, the different languages spoken, the work we will be doing, how we will rule and reign with Christ, and our power over all creation?  Its so much to think about.  It’s gonna be crunk…thats for sure!

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