The Unveiling

Sounds like a cool new horror movie, huh? Actually, its how I’m looking at tonight.  We’re unveiling a lot tonight.  First of all, we’re unveiling our 3 major summer trips that we’ll be taking the student ministry on.  One is a trip to Georgia for a week of summer camp.  The second is a mission trip to Detroit for a week of training in missions and evangelism.  The third is a mission trip to San Diego for a week of missions and evangelism with a church plant out there.  I really believe our students are going to love each trip.  But even more, I really believe that this is what God is leading us to do in order to grow us more into the image of Christ and rock this world with His fame!

Secondly, we’re unveiling the book of Joshua.  Its going to be such an awesome study.  Reading, thinking, praying, and studying through this book…I already can’t wait to teach through it all.  Think about it…just as Joshua led God’s people from the edge of the wilderness, through the Jordan River, and into the Promise Land…Jesus is the true leader of God as He leads everyone from their sinful state, through their Christian lives, and into the eternal Promise Land.  Joshua’s name means “Jehovah is salvation.”  Wanna hear something crazy?  Joshua’s Hebrew pronunciation is YESHUA, and Jesus’ Hebrew pronunciation is YESHUA.  Jesus’ name means “He will save His people from their sins.”  I’m convinced that Joshua is far more than just a Veggie-Tales cartoon of morals all about how to be a good, little Christian.  Rather, Joshua is a clear picture of the gospel, its a painting of what a life of following Jesus looks like, its an unveiling of what we’ll go through as we’re passing over to the promise land!

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