The Proof Of Jesus’ Existence

I received a GREAT email from a student who asked:  “Hey Chip,
I think this is really crazy but God has put on my heart that I should prove to myself that Jesus existed.I was wondering if you could help me.”

What an awesome quesetion!  This students wants to be rock-solid confident of the existence of their Lord and Savior.  They want to serve their King whole-heartedly.  I wanted to share with you my reply for when you get this question as well…

“I haven’t emailed you back yet because I really wanted to think about your question.  I do think that God does want us to be sure and confident that Jesus EXISTS (not just existed).  So you’re question really seems to be getting at…what is the best way to make ourselves confident of that.  Now here’s the problem…if we need history books, science books, or historal records about the existence of Jesus to be proven to us…then aren’t we saying that history and science books are more authoritative than God’s Word?  If God is THE ultimate authority, then isn’t His Word our ultimate authority that we trust for truth?  In other words, if we need science and history books to prove God’s Word…then what if they differ with God’s Word?  Which one would then be the ultimate authority?  How do you become more confident concerning the existence of Jesus?  Read His Word!  Pray!  Think about Romans 10:17 which says that our faith in Christ grows by reading the Word of Christ.  Think about 1 John 1:1-4 which says that we have seen, heard, and touched Jesus Christ.  That “we” is the church.  Through the apostles, we too are experiencing the existence of Jesus.  I hope all this makes sense!  Essentially I’m saying…God’s Word is the best way to prove the existence of Jesus because God is our ultimate authority and God’s Holy Spirit gives us wisdom and confidence through His Word.

Only by His grace,

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