When It Rains…It Pours: Sickness, Surgeries, and Death

Monday and Tuesday, I spent over 20 hours either in the hospital or en route to the hospital.  On Monday, one of my student’s dad was having brain sugery…his second.  This time they went in to drain a baseball size cyst.  The procedure went great.  On Tuesday, one of my teenagers had surgery to remove a foot and a half long bar out of his chest.  He went home the next day.  Yesterday I spent an hour with a family in my church who just lost their dad (and grandfather).  All three of these families mean the world to me as they all truly seek after Christ, are passionate about His church, and they all have taken great care of me since I’ve been here. 

A few thoughts…It’s so crazy when it comes to sickness, surgeries, and deaths.  When it rains…it pours.  I can go for a few weeks without ever having to go to the hospital…but then the bottom drops out.  Is it Satan causing pain, sickness, and death as an onslaught of attack?  We know that pain, sickness, and death did not happen before the fall of sin.  Its all very interesting to me.

I see my own sinfulness in these situations.  I’m such a task driven person that I have to try to hard to get myself out of my office to spend hours with these families.  I’m always thinking about my to do list.  So is God in these situations that all come at once teaching me that the ministry isn’t so much about organization and administration as much as it is about relationships and time with people?  I certainly think so.  If you read this and if you know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, I ask you to say a pray for me.  Please pray that I would never put paper work over people, that I would never put tasks over relationships, and that I would use every opportunity to glorify Christ in every situation

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