Answered Prayer: Disicipline to Study

Today was a huge answer to prayer!  Before I began my day, I prayed and asked God for the discipline to get many things done today…especially in the realm of studying.  I needed to study the whole book of Joshua as we are going to kick that new series off in a couple of weeks…and God totally gave me the grace to get that done!  Joshua will be a four week series, but I’m still trying to decide if I want to point the series to spiritual warfare (with the conquest) or eternity (with entering the promise land).  I believe both would be faithful to the Scriptures and the fulfillment of them through Christ!

Secondly, I needed to study the book of Judges, and outline it as well.  I’m meeting with our KTL guys (preacher boys) to give them their assignments this coming Sunday.  They’ll be preaching through this book to our students in the month of April.  God totally gave me the grace to see how the book is split up into 5 major judges.

Lastly, I needed to get together an outline for a marriage conference I’m teaching next weekend.  The church is having a marriage conference, and I’m teaching their student ministry on the doctrine of gender roles, the satanic attack on gender roles, and the glory of Christ in marriage.  Its going to be a blast.  I have my outline done for that as well.

Like I said…today was crazy huge in the realm of getting stuff done.  Maybe God stood the sun still for me like He did in Joshua?  Who knows…but I sure am thankful!  Oh, I also got to be at a Bible study this morning at 7am, go to a youth pastors luncheon for a couple of hours, and visit one of my students who just got out of surgery…and who is doing great!

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