KTL 2009 #1: Teaching Teens to Preach Christ

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KTL Teaching Schedule 2009

01 – KTL INTRO Class (teaching notes)

I never dreamed I would be a part of a ministry like this!  When I came to this church, there were 3 students in the ministry who already sensed God’s calling on their life to be full-time pastors.  Since I’ve been here, more students have been coming out of the wood-work sensing God’s calling on their lives to be senior pastors, student pastors, associate pastors, missionaries, Sunday school teachers, etc.  I’m just so blessed to have the opportunity to lead these guys to an understanding of how to read Scripture and teach it in a way that points to Christ.

We started this ministry a year ago…in Spring 2008.  We had about 6 faithful teenage-student-guys who met every Sunday night from 8-9pm just to learn how to preach and teach the Scriptures.  Then this last Fall of 2008, we had about 12 guys who met at the same time to learn how to be spiritual leaders for Christ.  Now in Spring 2009, we’re back in our semester of learning how to preach and teach the Scriptures in a Christ-centered way.  We have only accepted the guys who know they are called to be a pastor or missionary…and we’ve also accepted those who are interested and open to such a call on their life.  We have 11 guys in there with us!  I’m serious amazed.  God is doing incredible things!

We just had our first class this last Sunday from 3 – 4pm.  Basically, I fed them (since we’re Baptists), and I told them what the semester would look like.  First, I made sure that they were committed to the class and told them they couldn’t miss but MAYBE one week if they just had to.  Secondly, I ran them through the semester.  We’re going to start with an understanding of a Christocentric Hermeneutic (a Christ-centered way to study the Bible).  Then we’re going to move to a Narrative Homiletic (a way to preach by focusing on the story of the Scriptures).  That will include finding the truth of the passage, applying the passage to your hearers, pointing the passage directly to the person and work of Christ, illustrating the meaning of the passage, introducing the passage, and closing the sermon.  Lastly, I am having them read Vaughn Roberts book “God’s Big Picture: Tracing the Storyline of the Bible”.  That will help them greatly with their Christocentric Hermeneutic.  Its a must read if you haven’t yet.

I just wanted to fill yall in on what God is doing here.  I pray the best for your ministries, and I hope that God calls many to make a difference for the Kingdom of Christ!  It is my desire to record all of our class sessions together for your listening pleasure.  Also, I’m hoping to have a blog article and fillout sheet for each class session in case you are interested in taking your guys through the same type of class.

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