1+1+1=1: The Doctrine of the Trinity Resources

trinityAs I’m teaching my students on the doctrine of the Trinity, I have come across some awesome resources for my to read, study, and learn…and then to communicate it to them in more of their own language.  The best stuff I’ve come across is anything by Dr. Bruce Ware.  He wrote the book “Father, Son, and Spirit”.  He also did a conference at John Piper’s church.  Here are the 3 sweet mp3’s from those lectures.  I promise you…you’ll love them!

Trinity of Persons – Ware Session #1 (mp3)

Jesus and the Father – Ware Session #2 (mp3)

Jesus and the Spirit – Ware Session #3 (mp3)

If you are looking for more resources from the conference, you can go here: http://www.desiringgod.org/ResourceLibrary/ConferenceMessages/ByConference/9/
If you enjoy it…your students will, too!

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