YOU GOT SKILLS: Discovering Your Spiritual Giftedness #3 – “What’s Your Ministry?” (1 Corinthians 12:4-7)

yougotskills-blog-pic1Free files for youth pastors:

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (mp3)

You Got Skills – 3 – Whats Your Ministry (fillout sheet)

You Got Skills – 3 – What’s Your Ministry? (ppt)

Before we move forward, lets review exactly what these spiritual gifts are. What good will it do us if we move forward while forgetting what we’ve learned so far? Lesson 1 – Spiritual gifts include our passions, abilities, personality, and experiences that were once used for Satan’s kingdom. Jesus Christ our King has plundered that evil kingdom, rescued our gifts, and now we can use them for His kingdom! Lesson 2 – God has recorded many spiritual gifts in His Word, but not all of them are found there. He just gave us an idea to understand what they are and what some of them are. Our spiritual gifts can include many different abilities that Jesus has given us to use for His glory in the church. Looking at our spiritual SHAPE is very helpful. Now moving on…

1 Corinthians 12:4-7 is really helpful for us to understand the purpose of spiritual gifts. In that passage, Paul tells us that even though we are all gifted, we’re gifted by the same Spirit – the Holy Spirit. Even though we all serve in different areas of the church, we are all doing so for the same Lord – Jesus Christ. Even though we are all involved in different activities, we’re all empowered for those activities by the same God. He closes it up by saying that we’ve all been given the same Spirit of God for the common good of Jesus Christ. Do you see what Paul is saying here? We’re all gifted differently. We’re not boring cookies hot out of the cutter. Our gifts are going to be very different from each other – teaching, counseling, encouraging, cooking, mechanics, construction, creativity, media, cleaning, etc. But we all, who are very different from each other, have a solid common denominator…God! Paul is saying, don’t be jealous of the gifts that others have. Don’t think you’re useless. Don’t think you’re better than anyone or everyone else. That is all because our gifts are ultimately about God! The only reason we are gifted is because God has given our gifts to us through His Spirit. And the ultimate reason we should be using our gifts is for the glory of Jesus in His church. So the point isn’t your gift or even the ministry you’re in, but the God whom you’re serving!

We have designed the Student Ministry Teams (SMT) at CBSM for our students to serve Jesus by matching their giftedness with our needs within our student ministry. Serving at CBSM isn’t all about your getting on your most favorite SMT, but its about serving Christ. Here is the breakdown of our SMT’s that our students can serve on…

Hello Ministry – They welcome all students and guests who come into our ministry. They also follow up (postcard) on all first-time guests to make sure they’re invited back.

Media Ministry – They handle all of our audio and video aspects of our student ministry from running the computer, creating designs, making sure we sound sweet, etc.

Drama Ministry – They minister to the students and the church by taking the message’s theme and putting it into life-terms through skits, dramas, and acting out songs.

Puppet Ministry – They minister to the children of our church and in other events.

KTL Ministry – They are guys who are called or are considering the call to full-time ministry. They are trained to be strong spiritual leaders and Christ-centered preachers.

Sharp Ministry – They minister by making sure that the student building always looks clean, straight, memorable, and…sharp!

Praise Band – They minister every Wednesday by leading worship. We have several singers, keyboardist, sax player, electric guitarist, bass guitarist, drummer, acoustic, etc.

Most of our SMT’s meet at 5:15pm on Sunday evenings with an exception of a few. We encourage all of our students to be involved in just one team to use their spiritual gifts for the glory of Christ in their church. Its so awesome to see how many of our students are involved and using their gifts. It has made our ministry much stronger!

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