Chip, version 2.9: Reconsidering Resolutions in 2009

new-years-resolutionsI’m never much on New Years resolutions, honestly.  I believe that I need to be making serious changes in my life all year-round.  Plus, I’m sure that I’m like everyone else who has made resolutions before and totally not following through with them by like the third week of January.  Just today I thought to myself that I need to do better in 2009 about my eating…that I needed to eat more chicken and fish rather than steak.  Then when I get to Logan’s for lunch…I almost got a steak…ON JANUARY 1ST!  The very first day!!!  I’m hopeless!

I’m reconsidering resolutions this year.  This is mainly because my pastor preached on resolutions last Sunday.  I love my pastor, I totally respect the guy, and I want to follow God’s leading in my pastor’s preaching.  The two main resolutions he talked about were from 2 Timothy: relationships and reading.  I thought it made so much sense.  He really stressed the importance of using our relationships and reading for the purpose of the eternal kingdom of Christ.  How are we pointing people to Christ, and what are we reading that will point us to Christ?  So, without further rambling, here are my thoughts on my 2009 resolutions:

1.  Prayer.  In my spiritual life, I struggle with prayer a lot.  I’m such a work oriented person, and I always struggle with my relational side.  Unfortunately, that spills over into my relationship with God.  So I want 2009 to be a year of prayer most of all!

2.  the Word.  I’m in the Word, counseling with the Word, reading the Word, and studying the Word constantly.  I love the Word.  Where the struggle comes is getting into the Word for myself…personally.  I want to spend time in the Word every morning before I leave the house so that I hear from God before I hear from anyone else.  I want to grow in Christ and treasure Christ before anything else.

3.  Reading.  I want so bad to personally be reading.  This is very tough for me time wise…but I know I’m just not taking the time to do it and making it a priority.  So, my goal is to read a chapter a day in a book.

4.  Eating.  For some crazy, weird reason…I totally have victory over drinking.  Not that kind of drinking!  But I drink mostly diet drinks and water.  I need the same victory over food!  So I’m resolving to eat better and to eat less.  Being nearly 31 now, I can definitely tell a difference in the pounds!

How am I going to accomplish these goals?  How am I going to keep them before me?  How am I going to keep reminding myself of them?  I have no idea right now!  Just pray for me!  haha

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