cbsm, version 2.9: a new year of ministry!

20092008 is so last year!  It was an amazing year filled with many student salvations, baptisms, spiritual growth, powerful events, effective worship services, enlightening small groups, connecting fellowships, student building renovations, Sunday school small group wing creation, and oh so much more.

I’m totally stoked about 2009.  This year we get to kick off a lot of new stuff.  We’re planning on going to the Give Me An Answer Conference for high schoolers at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.  I can’t wait for my students to learn more about Christ from some of the top theologial professors in the world!  We’re planning on adding a new mission trip this year designed just for our juniors, seniors, and 2009 graduates.  We’re wanting to upgrade our student building with some awesome lighting looks and effects.  We’ll probably preach from Deuteronomy through 2 Samuel or so.  Hopefully we’ll teach the doctrines of God, the Holy Spirit, and Providence. 

My prayer is that we reach so many lost and dying teenagers out there for the glory of Christ.  I pray that we grow in our compassion for hurting teenagers to come and be healed in Christ.  I pray that our student ministry grows so much closer together and truly loves each and everyone in the student ministry…just like the eternal kingdom of Christ will look like forever.  I pray that our students will grow in their love for the Word and their understanding of theology.  I pray that our students continue to learn how to see the gospel and glory of Christ in all of Scripture.  I pray that our students share the gospel this year more than they ever have.  I pray that our student ministry grows in our fearless worship of Christ both when together and when alone.  I just pray that our student ministry becomes a better supporting ministry of our entire church as we seek to do our part to become a more holy bride for Christ.

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