Student Ski Trip 2008

skitripWe just rolled in from our annual ski trip…and I’m just praising God for it’s ministry success!  Even though its true that one of our students literally flew head first off a 20 ft. cliff just to not plow over another skier, another student skied down the steepest hill and wound up in the trees, and one of our guys fell and landed on one of our girls in a sitting position on her face…the trip was still amazing!

First off, our student ski trip was amazing because it deepened the students relationships with one another.  I’m not just talking about our students making friends and becoming better friends.  Rather, I’m talking about new students getting to know our existing students, and our existing students growing in fellowship with each other.  I’m talking about building community and fellowship within our student ministry.  The goal is: I want our students to feel comfortable with each other enough to discuss the things of Christ during our small group hour on Sunday mornings, and that they feel comfortable enough to worship Christ passionately together on Wednesday nights.

Secondly, the trip was a huge success because our speaker absolutely rocked the Word.  He brought the funk…if you know what I’m saying.  He pulled no punches and took no prisoners.  He preached the uncensored Scriptures and pointed our students to Christ through Ephesians 3.  His main theme was our faithfulness to Christ because of His unsearchable riches.  Our students were challenged to live for Christ and to serve Him through His church.  They loved our speaker!

So now we’re back, and I’m definitely excited to see how God uses this trip in the future for a few more fringe students to get more involved, to fellowship with our students more deeply, and to worship Christ more fully.  We certainly don’t do trips just to go, but they all have a purpose.  And as in everything…that purpose is living out the gospel!

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