Christmas Message: “Will The Real Jesus Please Stand Up?” (Isaiah 9 and Revelation 19)

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“The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud that all may hear.” Elf, Fred Claus, and even Talladega Nights are all movies that reveal how our culture and society views Christmas. Everywhere the world turns, they see a nativity scene with baby Jesus lying there. I often wonder if they think we believe in baby worship. What do they think when we lead our children to sing Happy Birthday to baby Jesus? What about you? How do you picture Jesus over Christmas? Is He just a cute, cuddly, fat, and pudgy baby? Or, is He the King of Kings and Lord of Lords of your life and this world?

Read Isaiah 9:6-7. Isaiah here is speaking to God’s people, the nation of Israel, and telling them that they will have a child, a son born and given to them (Isa 9:6). This is so important to them because their lives, family, and heritage are being threatened with death. Should we think about Jesus as a baby? Yes! We must celebrate the first coming of Christ as a human born into this world. Jesus couldn’t come as a spirit, an angel, or a Lion (like Narnia), but He, being fully God the Son, had to come as fully human to conquer the reign of sin and death started by Satan. He had to be born of a virgin because if Joseph were His biological father, then God would not be His Father. If God the Father was not His Father, then Jesus would be born a sinner like us, and not live a perfect life, not die as an atoning sacrifice, not resurrect, and He would go to hell like us. But Jesus is fully God and fully man. He’s from God (deity) and Mary (humanity).

Also notice that Isaiah here is saying that Jesus is coming to overtake the government of the world. Israel need not fear the world’s government because ultimately Jesus will take it over and rule. We also shouldn’t fear ours. This is why Jesus is called: Wonderful Counselor: He is and gives true wisdom for how we ought to live for God. Mighty God: He is not only fully man but He is also the Mighty God of the Bible. Everlasting Father: His rule over His righteous servants will be eternal and loving. Prince of Peace: The goal of Jesus’ rule is peace over all the earth like never before. Yes, we should celebrate Jesus’ birth for what He came to accomplish: a new-world rule.

Read Revelation 19:11-16. As we celebrate the first coming of Christ, we must concentrate on the second coming of Christ. Jesus is no longer a baby. Rather, He is a fearsome warrior-king returning to destroy the wicked and rescue the righteous. It says that Jesus is returning on a white horse like the good guy in the old westerns who always wins. He is called faithful and true because He never stops, and He embodies truth. He doesn’t come back for noogies or tickle fights, but rather He returns to judge and make war. Is this your Jesus? His eyes blaze with a passionate wrath against His enemies and a burning love for His followers. He comes back wearing crowns (diadems) with some serious bling that makes even Beyonce look poor. The robe He wears is dipped in blood. If someone wants to fight you and they’re wearing a robe dipped in blood, then run for your life! He has already poured out His blood once, so it won’t happen again. He will win! His followers are dressed up in clean, white, ironed linen. He doesn’t need us to fight. He fights for us! He’s coming back all tatted up with “King of Kings and Lord or Lords” on both His robe and thigh. This is like “Thug Jesus” taking over! Is this your Jesus? This is the biblical Jesus. This is the Father’s Jesus. Do you follow this Jesus?

How do we celebrate Christmas as we concentrate on His return? We give! Just like a proud father gives out cigars (gum of course) to his friends at the birth of his new baby boy, we are to be givers at Christmas. We celebrate Jesus’ birth by giving to everyone. Getting is only a result of everyone else giving. When Jesus was born, He was the gift of the Father to us (Rom 8;32). Truly celebrate Christ by giving to others.

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