SMI’s: Student Ministry Internships

winter-internshipFree file for youth pastors:

Student Ministry Winter Intern (document)

Student Ministry Internships can come in all shapes and sizes.  Internships can be done for up to and over a year, other internships can be done for the summer.  Some interns are used to get lots of extra work done, and others are for the specific purpose of training them to do what you do.

The interns we went after and hired are members of our church who God has called into full-time ministry (one guy and one girl).  The purpose of our internship is to equip them for ministry, give them supervised ministry experience, and to use their gifts to benefit our student ministry.  If you want to see more specifically what we’re having them do, make sure to check out the booklet attached. They are only working a total of 40 hours over the span of a couple weeks.  We’re paying them $300 for their time, but we’re actually giving it to them in the form of a scholarship to their university where they are studying for ministry.  They’ve interned with us for a week now, and everything is working out so great.  I will attach the document on this blog of exactly the purposes, tasks, and other info all spelled out regarding the internship.  I’d really encourage it.  It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s great help to get extra stuff done, and it makes a huge impact for the kingdom of Christ!  My thinking is…Jesus has called us to make disciples (Matt 28).  So the church must be faithful to disciple even those (if not especially those) who are called into ministry.  We can’t just sit back and let the Bible colleges and seminaries do all the work.  I went to both, but I learned the way of the ministry mostly while I was serving in churches whether interning, part-time, volunteering, or full-time.  If you get interns, you need to make it worth their time.  Don’t just have them do menial tasks, but actually have them doing ministry, learning ministry, and growing in ministry.  Ministering in the local church is the highest calling of all ministry since the local church is the fullness of Christ (Eph 1:22-23).  Therefore, we must help our people fulfill their highest calling by being faithful to them if God has called them out from within our own churches!  Without further ado, here ya go: Student Ministry Winter Intern (document).

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