Seminary and Student Ministry (part 5): the importance of teaching on ALIENS

aliens-blog1Free file for youth pastors:

Paper: Biblical Ethics and Outer Space

Should we be exploring outter space?  Should we be endeavoring to live on the moon?  And should we believe in aliens?  This is a paper that I wrote in my seminary ethics class (I don’t really preach on aliens all the time).  Around that time, some facts and figures had come to me concerning the amount of money that NASA was spending on space exploration and all their endeavors.  And at the same time I began to think about the money the world needed to feed all of the hungry, starving, and dying.  So all this just came together.  In this paper, I sought to biblically and ethically answer the three questions at the top of this article.  It is actually way more biblical and Christ-centered than you might initially imagine.  I hope you enjoy!

Paper: Biblical Ethics and Outer Space

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