Here’s Your Sign: a sermon preached on Jonah by a high school junior

introcontentFree files for youth pastors:

Phillip – Book of Jonah – Here’s Your Sign (mp3)

Phillip – Book of Jonah – Here’s Your Sign (fillout sheet)

What will the future of student ministry look like?  Who knows!  Well, God knows.  I do think that the future of student ministry rests of the shoulders of current youth pastors.  The future of youth ministry will be bright if youth pastors focus most of their time and energy on the gospel of Jesus Christ and the authority of God’s Word.  Personally, I see the future of student ministry every week in the faces of a few students in our student ministry.  And the future looks bright!  Just last night, a junior from our student ministry preached on the entire book of Jonah.  No, the sermon wasn’t ultimately about fear, or obedience, or faith.  Rather, the sermon was ultimately about what Jesus said the book of Jonah was about: the death and ressurrection of Christ (Matt 12).  Phillip (the junior on Jonah) preached the passage of Jonah faithfully, then He pointed it to Christ clearly, and then he called our students to share the gospel convictingly.  Phillip is one of those teenagers who just gets it.  He gets why the all the Scriptures points us to Christ.  He gets how to communicate it.  With students in our ministry like Phillip who are called to be future youth pastors, I’m excited to see what God has in store for the future of youth ministry!

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