Holy Matrimony, Batman!: Focusing Students onto Marriage more than Dating

caution_wedding_sign_watermarkFree file for youth pastors:

Aspects of Marriage in view of Christ and the Church (doc)

I was just talking with a new friend tonight and telling them that I like to talk to students more about marriage than dating.  No no, I haven’t “kissed dating goodbye” or anything like that.  But I just want to make sure to use their teenage years to prepare them to be godly men, women, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, and church members.

When I was in seminary, God really taught me so much that marriage is the God-drawn picture of Christ and the church.  Why did God create Adam and Eve as husband and wife?  Paul said God did it because He had Christ and the chruch as the big and final picture in His mind.  Why did God create the man as the head and the woman as the helpmeet?  Its because they are to picture the loving authority-submission roles of Christ and the church.  Why did God create sex?  Just for pleasure and procreation?  No, not just those.  He did so to picture the mysterious, intimate, and one-flesh union between Christ and the church.

Tomorrow night, I’ll be teaching on Numbers 25.  Watch out!  That is a very graphically detailed passage on sex.  I’m not one of those youth pastors who does a series on sex or who talks about sex, dating, and relationships every February.  I don’t try to put God into my calendar.  Rather, I’m teaching our students through the whole Bible (Genesis through Revelation) and when the topic of sex comes up…I teach on it.  I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.  Our student drama ministry has done a drama video.  I’ll try to post it on here.  I get to preach the gospel.  That’s always my favorite.  And I already can’t wait to see how many students show up!

The document linked at the top of this blog and below is one of the best brief articles I’ve read on seeing all aspects of dating and marriage in view of Christ and the church.  Its from my buddy, Tim.  He just asked me to speak for his student ministry at a conference they have coming up…on marriage and gender roles.  I’m sure I’ll be using some of his material.  Check this out!  Aspects of Marriage in view of Christ and the Church (doc)

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