Part 2 – I Rocked the Vote: Sanctity and the Sword (What to do now)


What do we do now?  The election is over.  President-Elect Obama will be our next President.  How should Christians respond?  How should teenagers respond?  How should youth pastors teach their students about this?

First, our primary response must be prayer!  1 Timothy 2 is all about praying for everyone…especially kings and those who are in authority.  We believe in a sovereign God.  I don’t know about yours, but my students are little scared about the whole situation.  Their a little scared about socialism, secularism, change, persecution, etc.  We must continue to encourage them that we are praying to a sovereign God who is control of all things!  God puts authorities into power, and they somehow accomplish His will.

We need to pray for him that his mind will change about the sanctity of human life.  We need to pray that his policies will change when it comes to all abortion issues.  We need to pray that will use the sword (Rom 13) when necessary to make sure that justice remains on the earth, that he protects all humanity, and that he protects our country.

Secondly, we must respond in love and respect.  We get so tired of the other party being punks, being nasty, and being sarcastic.  So let’s not do the same thing!  Let’s treat them with love and respect.  1 Timothy 2 says that we pray for those in authority so that we can life peaceful and quiet lives which is pleasing to God.  Encourage the teenagers around you not to make fun of our President, not to disrespect him, and to honor President Obama when he is inaugurrated into office.

The schools around here are getting a little out of hand.  Students screaming “Obama” up and down the halls.  Students telling other students, “You answer to us now.”  Yeah, its getting rediculous.  Please pray that this doesn’t turn into a complete racial division once again.  Pray that Christian students will turn the other cheek and show love and respect.

Lastly, we need to be the church.  The church has a totally different calling than the state.  No matter what the law says and no matter what policies are passed…morality needs to preached and taught from the Word of God.  That is more powerful than the law of the state!  We need to stand up as the church of Jesus Christ and proclaim what is truth, what is righteousness, and what pleases God our Savior.

Teenagers, students, youth…stand up as Christians in your school in love, in respect, and in honor.  But remember, ultimately Jesus is the King no matter who is President.  Ultimately we are citizens of what God is preparing in eternity…and lesser citizens of America.  God is control, He places people in power, Jesus is the ruling authority, so we can respect and honor the government authorities over us that ultimately…its all about the new heavens and the new earth ruled by the reigning Jesus Christ anyways!

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