I Rocked The Vote: Sanctity and the Sword

Rock The VoteThat’s right.  I rocked the vote!  I voted based on biblical principles: sanctity and the sword.  I believe the two most biblically important issues with this years election is the sanctity of human life (abortion) and which candidate would wield the sword best (justice – Romans 13).  America desperately needs a man in office who isn’t about his personal agenda, fame, or the game of politics…but who is about the principles that God has set in place.

No matter what happens in the returns tonight, we must be the church more so than we must be Americans.  Remember, God doesn’t place the kings into position to be pastors or theocrats.  God puts them in position for morality and justice.  The state fights for those, but the church fights for truth.  Even if the less godly man gets into office…its still the churches job to preach the kingdom of Christ (not the country of America) and to proclaim the Truth of Scripture (not so much the constitution).  Which candidate will help us to be the church more?  Probably the one who looks like Christ the least.

I would have loved to have told my teenagers who they should vote for.  But the candidates aren’t the point.  The principles are the point.  I don’t want to tell them what to do.  I want to give them God’s Word so they can think through His truths for the rest of their lives.

Yesterday was more than a Monday…it was my 25th birthday!  That’s really throwing yall off if you know that I’m really 30.  But 25 years ago, Christ called me unto Himself.  I repented of my sin.  I trusted in His penal substutionary act on the cross, I believed in His resurrection, and I called on Him to be my Lord and Savior.  Looking back over 25 years of walking with Christ, being indwelt by the Spirit, and having God as my Father…it sure seems like I should be much more spiritually mature!

I’m already pumped about tomorrow night’s student worship service.  We’re taking a long, hard look at Numbers 21.  It’s all about the serpents in the wilderness, the curse, the cross, and the Christ.  I think I’m going to call it “Snakebit.”  I always love to have visual aids with what I’m preaching.  So if all goes to plan, tomorrow night should be quite the memory maker…one way or another!

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