Hurry Up and Wait

That’s what I’ve felt like all day.  I’ve been hurrying all day to make sure everything is ready for tonight…but I’m ready for tonight to get here…but I have to wait.  Tonight is our student worship service.  And in the words of our studnets…it’s gonna be so CRUNK!

We’re unveiling a sweet contest tonight for a little incentive to our students to grab their friends and bring them to our revival called “Harvestfest.”  Pastor Zach actually doesn’t want us calling it “revival” at all.  So shhhh!  Don’t tell him I already said it.

Another cool thing tonight is that our cool, young, hip, and very bald worship pastor is going to be playing with our students.  I’m excited, he’s excited, and the students will love it.

Not only that…but here comes the best part.  Tonight…  Are you ready?  Here we go…  Jesus Christ will be preached!  Noyce!  Yeah, I’m preaching specifically on Numbers 15-20 all about REBELLION in the life of Israel and how it rears it’s sick-nasty head in our lives, too.  But this message directly points us to Christ, our trust in Him for salvation, and our power to both overcome rebellion…and to be a REBEL!

To be a REBEL?!  Isn’t that what the passage is against?  Actually, this raw (another word of the students), reformed rapper named Lecrae has a sweet song out about rebellion.  The twist is…he’s calling us (Christians) to be the rebels.  If rebellion is the norm…then its actually not all that rebellious to be a rebel like the world.  What is actual rebellion in this world is to be a rebel against sin!  So that’s what we’re calling for.  Stay tuned, the blog on it will be out tomorrow.  Peace out!

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