Framework #02 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Deity

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In the last lesson, we looked at the storyline of Jesus Christ.  It was about how we can understand Him throughout Scripture – from before the beginning of time through the time of future eternity.  Why are we starting out with Jesus when looking into doctrines, and why are we looking so deeply into who He is?  As people who are all about glorifying our great God, we must understand that Jesus is the glory of God (Philippians 2:11).  So who IS (not “was”) Jesus?


            Let’s first look at what the Deity of Jesus Christ means: Jesus as fully God.  We have to remember that everyone has a view on this.  Right now, if you realize it or not, you have thoughts on whether or not Jesus has always been fully God, if Jesus is fully God today, and if Jesus will always be fully God.  All throughout history people have had views on this, such as:


Ebionism – People who believe this say that Jesus was a regular man who was born but chosen by God to become His Son at His baptism.  The Spirit of God left this man near His death.  This might sound crazy that people would believe that, but there is a man named Jose Luis today who believes He is now the “Christ” as the Spirit has entered him to be God’s Son.  YouTube him!

Aryanism – People who believe this say that Jesus is not God because he is God’s Son who He created to be His firstborn over all creation.  Jehovah’s Witnesses do hold to this thought today.  When I meet other “Christians” throughout life, I normally love to ask them their thoughts on who Jesus is.  I’ve gotten many answers saying that there is no way that Jesus is fully God and that God would never want Jesus to be worshipped because only God should be worshipped.  The view of Aryanism is all over the place in many different people from bad teaching!


            Are we crazy for thinking that God has a Son fully divine as He is?  Are we the only ones who think this?  Actually, Jesus claimed Himself to be God (John 10:30).  Of course any yahoo can claim that, so what did others say about Him?  Those who walked, talked, and lived with Him claimed His Deity as well (John 1:1).  Again, any lunatic can claim that for himself and brainwash his followers to do this same.  Did He actually display divine attributes?  Yes!  In the New Testament, Jesus displayed the divine attributes we normally think of: omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.  But He also portrayed other important divine attributes: eternal existence, ability to forgive sins, faultless holiness, loving, just, etc.


            Yet this article isn’t just to teach you that Jesus is fully God, but it is also to teach you that Jesus is the fullest physical revelation and fulfillment of who God was showing Himself to be all throughout the OT.  God is creating and ruling by speaking in the OT.  In John 1:1-14 Jesus is specifically called the Word of God.  God is teaching and calling for living the way of wisdom in the OT such as in Proverbs.  In the NT, Jesus is called both the Way (John 14:6), and the Wisdom of God (1 Corinthians 1:30).  As God is claiming Himself to be LORD in the OT, Jesus is constantly referred to as Lord in the NT (Philippians 2:10-11).  God reveals Himself to Moses and His people in the OT as the “I AM”, and Jesus makes the same claim for Himself (John 8:58).  Lastly, the greatest promise God gave to His OT people is that He would bless them with His presence.  In Matthew 1:23, the author says that the angels’ proclamation took place to fulfill the OT prophecy that Jesus would be called “Emmanuel” meaning: “God is with us.”  God is speaking of Himself in the OT to point us to His glory in the NT – His Son Jesus Christ.


            What I want to leave with you is that Jesus is the difference maker.  As we speak with friends and family about bringing meaning into their lives, we must be faithful to share the person and work of Jesus Christ for God to make a difference in their lives.  Churches aren’t making a difference when they don’t point their people to Jesus Christ.  So many people want to say that all religions are worshipping the same God but just from different angles.  No!  The glory of God is Jesus Christ and anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ isn’t a child of God the Father, rather they are a child of the Devil (2 Corinthians 4:1-6, John 8:42).  Jesus is fully God.

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