Students being saved!

 In the past few weeks we’ve had several students saved in our student ministry.  I think many student ministries might be experiencing this, but let me tell you why I’m especially excited about this.  We don’t teach or preach an “easy-believism” gospel at all.  We never have students repeat a prayer after us.  We never have students merely raise their hands if they want to be saved…and then pronounce them saved.  What we do is…preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (His identity, life, death, resurrection, and Lordship).  We are very clear that salvation isn’t just believing in Jesus as Savior, but also following Him as Lord (Romans 10:9-10, 13).  We preach very explicitly that salvation is discipleship which means that to be saved means also that you desire to live and follow Jesus.  Statistics waver somewhere between 50% – 90% of church-going students who graduate from high school never return to the church again.  Why are we shocked with this when we just ask students to repeat a prayer of salvation after us, or we baptize them without them fully being able to articulate the gospel and show evidence of their faith in Christ?  1 John 2:19 says that the reason people leave the church is because they never truly were apart of the church…or Christ.  To counter that, we are preaching a full-gospel, a loving gospel, and a powerful gospel.  We’re preaching a gospel that calls for repentance of sin, and a gospel that calls students to walk after Christ.  And praise God by the work of His Spirit…students are being saved for the glory of His Son!

One comment on “Students being saved!

  1. First, let me praise God for the results you are seeing in your ministry. Secondly, I have been reading up on Storyline, and I’m impressed. “What we do is…preach the gospel of Jesus Christ (His identity, life, death, resurrection, and Lordship).” This is almost rare these days.

    I work at a private Christian school, and we endevor to live out the gospel by example. We think of our ministry as more of a slow cooker than a microwave, which is hard to get guest speakers and special evagelists to understand sometimes. We do not allow emotionally manuplative services ending in 10 more verses of Just As I Am. Our students would quickly become desesitized to that. At the back of our chapel, for the preacher to see mostly, is a large portrait of Jesus and a sign reading “Sir, we would see Jesus.” In all that we do – teaching, coaching, ministry – we try to live out the gospel message.

    A lot of what you say makes sense to me. I encourage you to keep up the good work. (I might also steal some of your ideas. My wife and I sponser BCM on Wednesday nights.)

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