Framework #04 – Doctrine of Jesus Christ – His Offices

Files for youth pastors:

04 – Doc of Christ – Offices (fillout sheet)

04 – Doc of Christ – Offices (mp3)

04 – Doc of Christ – Offices (ppt)

What happens when people just sit around? The majority of the time what happens is storytelling. We enjoy recounting stories from our lives with others, and we also love hearing the stories of what others have gone through. God has created us that way in His image. As for the Bible, God is not giving us a bunch of ideas and then illustrating them with stories. Rather, God is architecting and narrating the storyline of all history (His story), and then interpreting that storyline with truths. As we are seeking to understand who Jesus Christ was, is, and will be; and what He has done, is doing, and will do…it is easiest and most biblical to understand all of this in story. We are about to take a look at the offices of Jesus Christ. The offices of Jesus Christ wrap up who He is, what He does, and how He fulfills the narrative of all OT history (2 Kings 23:2). So let us take a look at Jesus Christ as The Prophet, The Priest, and The King.

First, Jesus Christ is The Prophet. Notice I didn’t just say that Jesus was a prophet but He is The Prophet. Personally, I think it would rock to live in the OT times and to hear the prophets speak for God. The prophets of the OT were literally God’s “mouthpieces” as God would speak His Word through them to His people. It would be so awesome to sit before a man who has literally heard from God a Word to communicate to me and to fellow followers of God. I think it is very important to understand that the office of prophet is closed today to all humans except for one Man. For those who may call themselves a prophet whether preachers, teachers, pastors, evangelists, etc…they are either mistaken, deceived, or deceivers. Even from the very first book of the Bible, God told Moses that there would be one final prophet to come to whom everyone would listen (Deuteronomy 18:15). That prophet finally came and eternally fulfilled the office of prophet as He replaced every prophet who existed throughout history. Jesus is The Prophet of God whom we listen to by going to the Word of God and realizing that every word of Scripture is ultimately coming with the authority of the Word Himself, Jesus Christ. Believe Him!

Second, Jesus Christ is The Priest. Like prophets, there were many priests throughout the OT, and the priests had many functions. The functions of the priests included making sacrifices for individuals, entering into the tabernacle, and praying for the people. How sweet would it be to lay our eyes on a man called by God to make sacrifices for all your sins and to watch them be washed away as a symbol of a greater sacrifice to come? No matter what people may tell you, the office of priest does not continue today except in one Man. In fact, our eternal priest is the final High Priest which means He can enter the Most Holy Places, and He can make a sacrifice for all the people. His sacrifice is one and done. Jesus is our ultimate High Priests that wipes away the need for any other priests today. His one-perfect sacrifice is enough for our forgiveness. He alone brings us to God. He is constantly interceding for us before the Father. In fact, Jesus as our High Priest isn’t even in the lineage of OT priests who were in the tribe of Levi. Our High Priest was in the order of Melchizedek. Why was Melchizedek the priest who pre-pictured God’s Christ to come? It is because he was both priest and king (Genesis 14:18).

Third, Jesus Christ is The King. There were many, many kings throughout the OT. Some were good, many were bad, some were righteous, many were unrighteous, some were respected, and many were untrustworthy. I’m afraid that as we think of the kingly office in the OT, we may see it as a big mistake. The people asked for a king, God warned them, and then allowed Saul to become king. Was God’s plan to have a king for his people? Yes! God had already told Abraham that kings would be a blessed part of his descendants (Genesis 17:6). Having a human king is good and part of God’s eternal plan because God had already purposed the kingship of His people to be passed on and fulfilled in His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the final King who rules over God’s people in perfect justice, wisdom, righteousness, love, etc. And I can’t wait for the day of glorification when I will be like Him and serve Him perfectly!

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