YouthGroupTruth.Com Explanation

Youth.Group.Truth is the Blog of CBSM (Capshaw Baptist Student Ministry). At CBSM, we operate on the “Simple Church Model” with our 3 step discipleship process being: Storlyine, Framework, and Ministry.

“Storyline” is what we preach on Wednesday nights to our students most of the time. The name stands for the STORYLINE in all of Scripture of how God is bringing glory to His Son. Instead of just doing different “Power Chapters,” I really believed God was calling me to teach my students the ENTIRE Bible and point it ALL to Christ in the 6 years they were a part of our student ministry. So I learned there are 1,189 chapters in all the Bible (from what they say). We preach on average 10 chapters at a time as we move our student through the Scriptures to preach Christ in all things. So we started with Genesis and we’re making our way to Revelation. Each sermon averages about 10 chapeters. Some sermons may be 1 chapter and some sermons may be 30 chapters. It just depends how the chapters and books flow together. But each sermon does stand alone as its own call to follow Christ. Also each sermon stands in a mini-series as it fits into the context of its book. Lastly, each sermon falls into the big picture of the Bible as it is one small episode in the storyline of God exalting His Son as the Lord of the Cosmos.

“Framework” is where we take the students through Systematic Theology. Systematic Theology is extremely important for students to understand because it teaches the students how to think about every major doctrine and topic of Scripture (from understanding Jesus – the End Times). We teach Framework: Systematic Theology 3 – 4 months out of the year, and Storyline: Biblical Theology 8 – 9 months out of the year. Just like Biblical Theology, Systematic Theology also must be understood and connected in Jesus Christ alone. That’s how God intended it! Below is our 6 Year Plan which will show you our remaining 4 years on how we mix and match the Storyline and Framework series. Then we have an mp3 that is an explanation of “Why we do what we do every Wednesday night.” Lastly, I attached a video to give you an example of a Wednesday night “Framework” sermon on how the entire Bible points to Jesus. Jesus said so!

6 Year Plan v.2 (doc)

Why We Do What We Do Every Wednesday (mp3)

You can search all STORYLINE posts in the “Categories” section found in the blog’s left hand column.

This was the first sermon in our doctrine of Scripture series: “BEST BOOK EVER.” This will give you a much better understanding of how we mix and match our Storyline and Framework series while keeping Jesus as the focus of all that we do! This sermon is entitled “Best Book Ever: What’s it really all about?”

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