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2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

Madison Square Garden can seat 20,000 people for a concert. This blog was viewed about 63,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Madison Square Garden, it would take about 3 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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CBSM: Stay Christ-Centered

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (netma).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (handout).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (ppt).ppt
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (notes).pdf
3 – CBSM – Christ Centered (service flow).pdf
3 – CBSM – Stay Christ Centered (small groups).pdf
This was my last sermon at CBSM and youth pastor. Actually, this passage (Luke 24) was also the first passage I ever preached as youth pastor at CBSM…almost 6 years ago. We started with on a Christ-centered study through the whole Bible together, and praise God that He allowed us to finish it together. After a lot of prayer, God allowed us to complete our time together in CBSM with these important bookends – seeing all life as Christ-centered. Serving as youth pastor in CBSM has been the best 6 years of my life. I could not be more thankful for my time with those amazing people. They quickly became my life, family, friends, and church. You will all be missed so so so much!

CBSM: Believe The Gospel

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teenagers, etc:
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2 – CBSM – Believe The Gospel (netma).pdf
2 – CBSM – Believe The Gospel (handout).pdf
2 – CBSM – Believe The Gospel (ppt).ppt
2 – CBSM – Believe the Gospel (notes).pdf
2 – CBSM – Believe The Gospel (small groups).pdf
2 – CBSM – Believe The Gospel (service flow).pdf
“Believe The Gospel” is the second sermon in the CBSM series. Because this was my next to last Wednesday at CBSM, we wanted to throw a party where our students could bring their friends to give their lives to Jesus. So we threw a huge Back 2 School Bash, and I just simply preached the gospel. It was only about a 20 minutes message with a clear call to give their life to Jesus at the end. God really seemed to speak through it, and students were saved! The gospel is most simply: the person of Jesus, the work of Jesus, and our response to Jesus.

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash:Wednesday, August 28th

CBSM’s Back 2 School Bash is Wednesday, August 28th from 4:30-9:00pm. It is for all of the high schoolers and middle schoolers in the 256 and all their friends.

From 4:30-6:30pm we’ll be going crazy with stuff like dodge ball, climbing mountain, bouncy boxing, bungee trampoline, obstacle course, and the whizzer. We’ll also be serving up free food like hamburgers, hotdogs, chips, drinks, popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy.

From 6:30-7:30pm we’ll throw a quick worship service with some rockin music by our band, and a quick message from God’s Word. We’ll end that up with $600 in give-a-way prizes!

Then from 7:30-9:00pm we’ll open up the huge water slide, with the inflatables, and more food.

If you’re in middle school or high school, you are your friends are invited out to party hard with us for Jesus. Boom.

CBSM: Follow Jesus

Free downloads for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (netma).pdf
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (handout).pdf
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (ppt).ppt
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (notes).pdf
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (service flow).pdf
1 – CBSM – Following Jesus (small groups).pdf
This was a very difficult night as I announced my resignation as the Youth and College Pastor at Capshaw. I have two more weeks before I begin my next position as Middle School Pastor at First Baptist Woodstock, GA. In order to talk about my transition, I definitely wanted CBSM to understand the importance of following Jesus through all the hard things of life. “Follow Jesus in the big things by doing the small things.”

CBSM Small Group Upgrade Sunday: August 18th

upgrade Sunday
CBSM Upgrade Sunday Tomorrow!
All students will be moving up into a new Small Group.
Free Krispy Kreme Doughnuts for all teens who come.
Small Group start up at 9:00am in the CBSM Student Building.
All 6th-12th graders and their friends invited.

Simple Gospel: The PWR of Jesus

In today’s complicated culture, we appreciate simple things. We love websites like Google, books like Simple Church, and menus like the one at Chick-Fil-A.

It’s easy for us to make simple concepts difficult, complex, and wordy. Do your people understand the gospel in its simplest form? Can they boil it down to its essential elements? Challenge them to complete a simple exercise: In your small groups, at the beginning of a sermon, or even through email, ask them to write down their simplest definition of “the gospel.” Then, by whatever method you choose, simply teach them the gospel’s essential elements. Lastly, have them write down their newly learned understanding of the gospel in their own words.

Chances are, what your people thought the gospel included or excluded will shock you. They will marvel at the differences between their learned definitions of the gospel and its simplicity. In fact, I challenge you right now to the same exercise. After you finish this article, see if your simple explanation of the gospel has changed. You may surprise yourself!

The power of Jesus
You can remember the simple form of the gospel as the “Power of Jesus” (Rom 1:1-4). God’s sovereign work saves us, sanctifies us, and glorifies us through Christ’s power (Rom 8:29-30). Highlight the P, W, and R from “power”, and we have the gospel in its simplest form: The Person of Jesus, the Work of Jesus, and man’s Response to Jesus. Since stumbling onto this easy memory tool, I have used it sharing, teaching, and deepening my own understanding of the gospel.

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You Asked For It: Cuss Words vs. Christ’s Words

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
8 – YAFI – Cuss Words (netma).pdf
8 – YAFI – Cuss Words (handout).pdf
8 – YAFI – Cuss Words (notes).pdf
8 – YAFI – Cuss Words (service flow).pdf
8 – YAFI – Cuss Words (small groups).pdf
This was the most requested sermon of our “You Asked For It” series. About once a month I hear the question “What’s so wrong with saying certain words? What makes those words so wrong and not others?” I’ve never heard a sermon on cuss words, so here you go world. Cuss Words vs. Christ’s Words. Let me know your thoughts.

You Asked For it: Dating Relationships (Ephesians 5:22-33)

Free resources for youth pastors, small group leaders, parents, teens, etc:
7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (netma).pdf
7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (handout).pdf
7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (notes).pdf
7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (service flow).pdf
7 – YAFI – Dating Relationships (small groups).pdf
There are two relationships teenagers have to master in life, their relationship with Jesus and their relationship with their spouse. Their relationship with Jesus must be mastered now and for all of life, and of course their relationship with their spouse will be later. This study is all about how a relationship with Jesus through the gospel will get them ready for a godly marriage down the road. Their focus should not be a dating, but on marriage. Check out these resources and let us know your thoughts.

The Fourth at the Fowlers: Fireworks, Barbecue, Party

(Above: CBSM Fireworks Compilation Video
We will be partying it up with barbecue and fireworks at the Fowlers this Wednesday, July 3rd from 6:30-9:30pm.
Who: All of our CBSM Middle School, High School, College Students, and all your Friends.
Where: The Fowler’s House (17409 Meadows Rd. Athens, AL)
What To Bring: All guys bring a drink. All girls bring a dessert. All adults bring a side. We also invite you to bring your own fireworks. We will shoot ’em off in a safe and organized matter. No limbs have been lost at any of our Fowler Fourth parties for your FYI.
Cost: Free
Why: Partying up our Independence from the Totalitarian English Monarchy of the 1700’s.